Wes Perkins KL0FM

Vice President:



J. Dennis Weidler KL1OE


Rolland Trowbridge KD8JOU

A special thanks to Sitnasauk Corporation, and Dave Evans in particular, for the granting of the lease for the SPARC hub site.  This is a critical location for our repeater system.


P.O. Box 1982, Nome, Alaska  99762    907-304-1057

To encourage the education, licensing and resource development of amateur radio

among the residents of northwest Alaska.

Upcoming Events:

Dues:  Annual dues are only $50 for an entire family. 

Join us for SPARCnet each Sunday evening at 7:00.  Call in and test the peninsula-wide repeater system.

Congratulations to Bianca Trowbridge.  She is now a licensed ham.